How To Integrate Content Marketing and SEO?

content marketing and SEO

Are you fed up with low blog traffic? If so, you must first understand that getting traffic is not rocket science and requires a lot of effort. It is said that marketers prioritizing blogging are more likely to get benefitted at least 13 times. But do you wish to know how to integrate content marketing and SEO to increase the traffic? 

Creating viral content 

Everyone wants to create content that becomes viral but fails to do so. It’s because they do not follow websites creating viral posts every now and then. If they visit the website and read the content, they will understand the secret behind that.

Most importantly, the first aspect is to write attractive headlines as most people will decide based on that if to read your content. Secondly, look for the length of the blog post, and it should not be below 1000 words. Longer posts containing 2500 to 3000 words attract more shares. Read through the contents available on the websites at least once. 

Two aspects to rank higher in Google 

No matter what, paid traffic is the easiest way to get traffic. But did you want to know how to get organic traffic? It is not as entangled as people think so. To ensure that your website ranks higher, the two things that you must consider are: the content should be relevant and the best. If you want the content to be the best, you must write it in that way. Now that you have known the two ways to increase organic traffic, keep them into consideration while creating content. 

Understanding your audience

For whom are you writing the content? Of course, it is for your audiences, so you should write something relevant. Once you understand your audiences, it will be better for you to create content. Around 96% of visitors reading your content may not be interested in buying your product. But the best way to convince them is by writing good content. It should convince your audiences to buy products from your website or avail of your services. 

Refreshing old contents 

Your pillar articles are the most useful and important content, attracting a lot of traffic. That’s why; ensure that you regularly update them. Add more details and make it more relevant to make readers feel like they are not reading old content. It is known as a content upgrade and can increase the value of your site to a great extent. 

Including comment section 

Include a comment section in your blog posts so that you get to know what your audiences feel. It also helps others to understand if your content is worthy of reading. 

Once you have created content, the next thing is to upload them and share it with all your social media platforms. Sharing on social media platforms will help in gaining more traffic as many people are active there. The number increases when people start commenting and share it. 

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