5 Best Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Tools For Free

In the present era, the sphere of digital technologies is a cut above all the remaining fields. Modern people have been inventing new methods; as a consequence, this opens the doors to finish the desired work in a short while. Of course, in this busy life schedule, who doesn’t want to complete the work in a limited time?

One such modern discovery is OCR (optical character recognition). In fact, these tools can recognize characters in read-only text and images optically and converts them into editable text.

The software application’s utilization is increasing day by day, in this modern era. Here is a graph that represents the usage in previous years as well as the prediction of using OCR online platforms in the coming future.

In the above graph, you can see e the various fields which are using OCR apps from the year 2014 to 2025. And also, you can notice a rapid increase in utilizing these apps.

Why does OCR matter so much in the modern era?

In the contemporary era, people have been communicating and transferring their information digitally through emails, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. Hence, all the documents are digitalized. And it is very beneficial to store as soft copy, rather than the hard one.

But, transforming PDFs or scanned data or image information into text is a main tight spot of digitalized documentation. A person requires more time and effort to convert the soft copy data into text. (Also you can convert icon to text)

This complexity is made easy with the help of the app and tools of OCR. In fact, you can complete the task of converting scanned or PDF information into text which you can edit in a few minutes.


Tesseract is an OCR engine developed by the company Hewlett-Packard in the 1980s. It is one of the open source software as well as you can use it for free after installing it. Large-scale businesses always adore Tesseract, because it excels in the conversion of documents (pdf, handwritten) into editable text in bulk amounts at once. But, it needs strong technical staff to customize.


SimpleOCR will be the perfect choice for startup businesses. It is not open-source software, but it is 100% free to use. It is not required much technical knowledge in software and it is easy to use. You can convert documents into text with 99% accuracy from day one.

Easy Screen OCR:

Easy screen OCR is one of the best tools to convert screenshots or images to text. Unlike Tesseract, this tool is unable to convert documents in bulk amounts. Yet, it is very useful for small-scale businesses and start-up businesses.

Microsoft onenote:

Microsoft onenote is an inbuilt software application in Windows 10. It can convert pictures or images to text. But, this software application does not work for the data in bulk amounts. It will be the right choice for a small-scale business.


i2OCR is a multilingual OCR, that you can use for 100% free. Yes! It facilitates the conversion of images, pdf documents, and scanned documents to text in 100+ languages. You must select the desired language and then upload the image or file. The final step is to click on the button to extract text.

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