What does a perfect blog post look like?

Not all the time some linked paragraphs can be called a blog. Different forms and structures of writing have been categorized with specific names. For instance, rhythmic two-liners are referred to as quotes, a synopsis can have 150 to 200 words, and Dictionaries consisting of basic 1000+ pages and from 300 to 2000 words on average can be considered a blog post (T & C applied). 

Considering the appearance of a blog post, it initiates with a promising title, and goes on with an engaging paragraph to the point of introduction to the niche, scrolling down we get elaborating passages on ‘How to’, ‘What to’, or ‘the top 7’ to set the maturity of primitive niche ideas. 

Let’s assume that you are done with choosing a topic to write a blog post on. These are some steps cum roadmap to guide you on your way to a catchy blog post at the end of the day. 

The title: Invigorator headline would promise the reader about the interesting part inside like ‘7 crazy tips before you straighten your hair wrongly’

The introductory goals: Write very compelling introduction lines that relate to or amuse the reader, set a powerful complement (can be either negative or positive), or state mysterious or critical thinking lines for a reader to continue ahead. 

Let’s for example: 

‘How about having homemade Japanese sushi without rice vinegar…..’

Work on the initiating paragraph precisely (avoid opening up too much here). 

  • Categorize the niche: Involve best writing tactics to help the reader understand your motive for this blog post. Firstly, answering ‘what would you like to read about this specific topic as a determined reader’, have your own points in legible descriptive order. 

For an instance: If the title says – how to cook mutton biryani

The categorized subheadings will be ‘what a reader wants to know about the cuisine’ ie. 

  1. When was mutton biryani discovered
  2. Ingredients needed
  3. How to cook mutton biryani in Bengali style

This way keeps the reader engaged and all his doubts answered in your post. 

The Final Lines 

Very necessarily a blog post must include the final lines or a synopsis of this whole project. The initials and the final paragraph of the blog act the same as the preface of a super adventurous book. This is just all about what made you write this blog post. 

 You may also include some literally helpful tips here (which creates a highly knowledgeable impression of yours regarding the niche of your audience). 

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