How CRO Can Allow You To Boost Up Your SEO Efforts

SEO efforts

Does your website get enough traffic? If so, it’s great, but your job is not done yet. It’s time to implement a CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) campaign. It is said that CRO and SEO are a match made in heaven. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is known for driving traffic, but CRO helps in convincing customers to make a purchase order. In a way, to survive and give good competition to your competitors, SEO and CRO are crucial. Let’s understand how it can boost up the SEO efforts. 

Decreasing page load time 

The reason why your landing page takes so much time is because of the slow load speed, and it directly affects the conversion rate. Google considers it as one of the parameters to rank your website. If your website takes three seconds to load, the bounce probability surges by 32%. With the increase in the seconds, the percentage rises, and it is not at all good for your website. Ensure that the page has a higher landing speed, and for that, clean up the HTML, reduce the size of the image, etc. 

Produce longer and more content 

If you are stepping first time in content marketing, get it clear that the more content you produce, the better it is for you. Probably, it is the best way to grow your organic traffic. People and search-engine look for quality content, so it’s to upload new content frequently. Generally, 2000 words content ranks higher on Google results, offering more chances to convert traffic. 


Shaping the actual tests can be a challenge, but once you do it, you get to know that it’s simple. Additionally, when you think of the revenue numbers, it feels so worthy. Prepare a strategy and hypothesis to start testing and the first step, to begin with, is by setting an appropriate timeframe for running the tests. Secondly, be efficient with budgets when it is in progress and if the variations are not bringing positive results, it’s better to stop. 

Change the content to check the results. 

The content you are publishing on your website must give you enough conversions. If the content is not getting enough traffic, look for other alternatives, pushing people to the conversion page. Content helps in bringing traffic, but you must understand what fits the best for your website

East way to share content 

A person should be able to share the content quickly across their social media platforms. It will help in reaching more people, allowing boosting SEP efforts. Make your website user-friendly so that people love to read your content and share it whenever they want to. 

Final thoughts!

The objective is to increase your sales and earn more leads, but it’s not possible if you are not getting enough clicks on your website. They won’t click on your page if it is not visible on search engines. By this, you can understand the close bond between CRO and SEO. 

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