GIF In Content: What It Means For SEO?

Do you know that businesses are throwing away the old thought that GIF are “unprofessional” and should be used for entertainment? Do you agree with it? Well, we also agree that GIF are an excellent tool that, if used wisely, will add value to your clients and encourage the visibility of your business.

What are GIF?

In short, it is an animated media file- that includes a series of images or soundless videos that will loop continuously and doesn’t require anyone to press play. This repetition makes GIF feel familiar, like the beat of a song and makes them entertaining.

Are GIF good for SEO? 

The answer is YES! GIF work as a powerful tool for SEO. it will help you get organic traffic and make your content catchy. But to get a higher rank or audience, you need to know the right strategy. Like if you start using “heavy” GIF, you run the risk of your page loading slowly and that could affect SEO a little bit. So using it wisely can make your content more attractive.

Why should you use GIF for SEO?

Easy to consume:- 

The bitter truth is that It’s tough to capture users’ attention for more than a minute these days, but Animated GIF allow the user to engage with the format more quickly and consume the content easily. One can easily grab attention by using GIF on social media.

GIF is a Storyteller:-

GIF are effective in communicating your message quickly as it’s easy to share something by pictures than words.

GIF Triggers emotions

This is the most popular on social media – how people are expressing themselves through GIF. And it’s adding humor to your content, which engages people quickly.

To present products or services

Presenting new products and services can be tricky but GIF make it a smooth process. You can easily showcase your product by using creative GIF. It will help you to generate sales too.

Can be used in email marketing:-

If you want to grab your customer’s attention, GIF is the best tool and user friendly. According to research emails containing a GIF pulled in 12 percent more revenue than their non-animated version.


When you utilize GIF content effectively, it will help you increase engagement and traffic. They are an excellent option for all users as they will increase the traffic to your website and turn your viewers into customers.

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