Best Websites For Graphic Designers in 2022

websites for graphic designers

Firstly, what do you refer to graphic designing? Promoting the clients’ brand, product or services via any mode of creativity like brochures, posters, logos, magazines, feature images and more, paves your way for graphic designing. And for a better approach, experienced graphic designers would hardly like to compromise with their work. 

Let’s have a look at some platforms with extraordinary templates and multiple features to operate on. 


Australian platform canvas offers stunning tools for both New designers and perfectionists. The user gets 50+ templates for any graphic project from informative Instagram reels to the thumbnails of YouTube videos. The updated versions always come with more and more features and templates that allow independent creativity and exploration. But the paid version of Canva is worth mentioning which has various modern tools for your blog post designing, Pinterest post or video edits. However, the free Canva is worth the same. 


The reliable platform for the best designers, PicsArt provides you with more than 100 unique features that perfectly meet your client’s satisfaction more than any other designing website/app. You hardly need any prior graphic designing experience to operate PicsArt. Interestingly you are allowed to create from one step ahead with classic picture effects, stickers, brushes, elements and much more to help in your brand endorsement. 

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe edit platform only made for Pro editors trains you professionally to manage customers’ needs in its own way. There are premium features to set a complete studio right in your hand. You get a powerful camera, unlimited photo filters, and colour transformation tools with real HD effects. Graphical water marks and colourful grading add your creativity to go wonders. 

Adobe Photoshop

Master app for your photography and editorial skills in the room, Adobe Photoshop comes with seasonal effects, various collage and other features that turns your ordinary photo into world ranking one. Along with colour effects, the user has control over the reduction of colour noise, colour smoothness, sharpening, temperature and vibrancy of the portrait. The fun part is the efficient layouts, red-eye removal and strange adjustments. The multiple fonts and professional themes are the real advantages of Adobe Photoshop. 

B612 editor app

The expert editor guy, the b612 editor app has been a favourite of users since a long ago. Earlier b612 was well known for its selfie edit only, but gradually the updates have transformed the app from a selfie camera to a crazy editor app these days. One can add songs to the videos, and apply distinctive styles, and multiple filters at once. B612 beauty editor allows changing the colour of lips, eyeballs, eyebrows, contours and blush. From high solution night or day mode to hair colour styling, b612 is an excellent app for modern styling. 


Without a doubt the best website to have all the gradients which are free to use for the public. The collection of colours and gradients helps you to choose from thousands of colours and pick your own choice. The best part is you don’t have to pay for it. The website is absolutely user-friendly and an offline application.

Complete a colour dictionary or say a colour palette to find one of the million digital colours is this website colours. The tricky application has the quality of picking the colour from an image source for random camera clicks. The pool of colours has more than thousands of colours, simple designs, fast and easy-to-use interface. Surprisingly we can also mix and make your own colour. Sounds fun right? Give it a try. 

Remove. bg

What happens when you need or don’t need a background but you can’t help it. This application removes bg is simply an amazing background remover to change any of your pictures. From flipping the background to changing it into a transparent background, removing the background is an absolute game-changer. 

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